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Adult Programs
Teen & Adult Swimming Lessons
These classes offer individualized instruction in swimming skills, from learning the basics to improving strokes. Learn to enjoy and be comfortable in the water. Teen & Adult swimming lessons are offered in two 5 week sessions.
Fees (per 10-lesson session/per person): $58  
Registration Information

Mt. Hood Aquatic Center accepts telephone and walk-in registration. Fall registration opens Monday, September 8.

Refunds and Credit Policy

Refunds or transfers will be given only to requests made three or more working days prior to the first class period. After the lesson session has started only one-half credit towards your next lesson purchase will be granted.

Classes Descriptions
Adult Lessons – Basics

This class is for the beginning swimmer. Skills taught in this class include personal safety, breathing, floating, treading water and arm and leg movements.

Teen Class – Stroke Improvement

This class is open to individuals ages 12 and up. Skills taught in this class include the basics plus learning and improving strokes. Students will also learn how to dive.

Adult Lessons – Fitness

This class is for adults who wish to improve fitness, get more out of lap swim time, and improve strokes and turns. All six swimming strokes are taught, plus turns, diving, and use of the pace clocks for interval training.

Session Dates
Winter Session 1 (five weeks)
Mon/Wed Jan. 5 – Feb. 4
Tues/Thurs Jan. 6 – Feb. 5
Winter Session 2 (five weeks)
Mon/Wed Feb. 9 – Mar. 11
Tues/Thurs Feb. 10 – Mar. 12
Winter Saturday
Saturday Jan. 10 – Mar. 14*
*no class Feb. 21
Adult and Teenage Swimming Lessons
6:45-7:30 p.m.
7:30-8:15 p.m.
Adult Lessons - Basic
Adult Lessons - Fitness
Water Exercise Programs
Drop-ins are welcome to all adult exercise classes. The fee is $7.50 per visit.
Water Exercise Drop-in Punch Card
This punch card is good for 10 admissions to adult community water exercise classes. This punch card is not applicable to college credit classes.

WE Drop in Punch Card $68
Water Exercise Membership
This membership is a great option for those who take Aquatic Center community water exercise classes 4 to 5 days per week. The fee covers unlimited water exercise classes for Winter term from Jan. 5 through March 20, 2015. Please note that this option is not applicable to college credit classes. Winter Term fee (Jan. 5 – March 20)

Adult $200
Senior $150
Class Descriptions
Shallow/Deep Water Ex
Join a fast-paced water exercise class for adults. Participants work at their own pace to improve strength and cardiovascular fitness. Exercises are performed with music in the 25-yard indoor pool. This class combines elements of sport-related moves along with cardio fitness. Swimming skills are not required for participation.
Deep Water Aerobics
Join a fast-paced water exercise class for adults! Have fun in your workout without stressing your joints. Exercises are performed in deep water to music. Although you should feel comfortable in deep water, no swimming skills are required. Aqua Joggers, which work much like life jackets, are provided. Classes are held in the 25-yard indoor pool.
This is a moderate-paced water exercise class. Emphasis is placed on flexibility and strength conditioning. This class is gentle on the joints. Exercises are performed in the warmer (88-90 degree) shallow Learner pool. Swimming skills are not required.
Arthritis Foundation
This is a slow-paced exercise class that incorporates the guidelines of the Arthritis Foundation. Emphasis is on slow-moving exercises that are gentle to the joints. Exercises are performed in the 88-90 degree Learner pool. All instructors are certified by the Arthritis Foundation.
Arthritis Exercise Plus
This is a moderate-paced exercise class that combines elements of Arthritis Foundation exercises with flexibility and strength conditioning. Exercises are performed in the 88-90 degree Learner pool.
Ai Chi
This class is Tai Chi for the water. This slow relaxation class focuses on deep breathing, visualization, stretching and stress reduction. Exercises are performed in the 88-90 degree Learner Pool. Come learn a new way to stretch, balance and focus your mind and body!
Ai Chi Ne
This class uses the same exercises as Ai Chi and is organized so that participants can perform the exercises solo or with a partner.
Water Walking
This is a low-impact activity that can be performed in either shallow or deep water. The water provides more resistance and less joint stress than walking on land, affording a wide variety of variation and pace to suit each student’s needs and fitness goals. Exercises are performed in the 25-yard pool.
Adult Exercise Classes – Morning
Class 7-7:45 a.m. 8-8:45 a.m. 9-9:45 a.m. 10-10:45 a.m. 11-11:45 a.m.
Shallow/Deep Aerobics T/Th   M/W/F    
Aquacise M/W/F M/W/F M/W/F, T/Th    
Arthritis Ex Plus         M/W/F
Arthritis Foundation       M/W/F, T/Th  
Ai Chi T/Th T/Th      
Ai Chi Ne         T/Th
Water Walking       M/W/F  
Adult Exercise Classes – Evening
Shallow/Deep Water Ex
Deep Water Ex
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