• Mission, Vision and Values Statement: 1020

  • Section 1000: College Governance
    Mission, Vision and Values Statement
    Board Policy: 1020

    Board of Education Approval: 9/12/01
    Revised: 3/8/06


    Mt. Hood Community College is nationally recognized as the choice for life-long education and is a leader in state-of-the-art learning environments and innovation; the college is celebrated by residents for its economic, social, cultural and recreational contributions to the district.

    Transforming Lives | Building Communities

    Core Themes
    Learner Success | Community Pride | Partner Innovation

    MHCC is committed to:

    Staying abreast of educational and technological challenges, trends and innovations and transforming the college to meet the changing needs of our community. We are decisive, intentional and forward thinking.

    Providing innovative educational programs, methods and assistive technologies while also building strong community and business partnerships. We are collaborative, focused and purposeful.

    Cultivating an environment that celebrates and supports diverse communities, peoples, backgrounds and points of view. We are inclusive and respectful.

    Creating an active, friendly, welcoming and open environment for our staff, students and community. We are accessible, positive and responsive.

    Being responsible stewards of the physical and financial resources entrusted to us by the residents of the district. We are accountable, transparent and honest.

    Exceeding expectations in all customer service interactions. We are reliable, dedicated and empathetic.