• Facilities Use by External Groups: 4010

  • Section 4000: Facilities/Risk Management
    Facilities Use by External Groups
    Board Policy: 4010

    Board of Education
    Approval: 11/10/10
    Revised: 06/13/2012
    1. The needs of the College’s educational programs and supporting services are given first priority in determining use of Mt. Hood Community College District (MHCCD) buildings and facilities. However, the MHCC District Board of Education (MHCC) recognizes its responsibilities and commitment to serve the community and supports community use of College facilities when they are not being used for college purposes.
    2. All events and activities on MHCC property will meet all applicable health and safety regulations; comply with applicable laws, MHCCD Board Policies, and Administrative Regulations; will meet the contractual obligations of the college; and will not compromise the people, property, financial resources or reputation of the college.
    3. MHCC reserves the right to charge fees for facilities use and supporting services and to refuse the use of MHCC facilities as determined by the President or designee.