• Public-Private Partnerships: 4040

  • Section 4000: Facilities/Risk Management
    Public/Private Partnerships
    Board Policy: 4040

    Board of Education
    Approval: 3/8/06
    Revised: 11/10/10

    The Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) District Board of Education will consider entering into public/private partnerships that meet or exceed the following criteria.

    All ventures must:

    1. Consider College programs that possibly provide training/jobs for MHCC students
    2. Contribute to the educational or cultural programs and activities of the College and comply with all applicable Board policies
    3. Include a provision in which the private party agrees to relinquish all rights to the property and/or facilities if the MHCC District Board of Education elects to terminate the agreement or not renew the lease
    4. Maintain or enhance the financial resources and the educational values of the district
    5. Meet the general needs of the surrounding communities
    6. Provide funds for basic maintenance and other needs for the duration of the agreement

    In public/private ventures involving instructional programs, the private party is encouraged to be involved in curriculum development, but MHCC retains the final authority in all curriculum decisions.