• Naming of Buildings and Facilities: 4060

  • Section 4000: Facilities/Risk Management
    Naming of Buildings and Facilities
    Board Policy: 4060
    Board of Education
    Approval: 3/8/06
    Revised: 11/10/10

    The Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) District Board of Education will approve the naming of College buildings, spaces and programs upon recommendation by the College’s president. Normally the names of College buildings and facilities describe the function, use and location of the building or facility. Exceptions to this rule may be granted upon Board approval.

    A College building, space or program may be named in memory or honor of individuals, businesses, corporations or organizations who or which have made significant and lasting contributions to the College. These contributions may be in the form of either distinguished leadership and/or service to the College, substantial financial support to the College, significant contributions to the College community over an extended period of time or some other factor valued by the College.

    In order to be eligible to be honored, employees and/or Board member will not have, for a period of five years, been formally affiliated with the College as an employee and/or Board member. No person is eligible for naming rights while holding elective Office.

    Specific contribution levels required for consideration of placing a donors’ name on a campus space or program will be established by the College’s Facilities Council in consultation with the College’s president.


    Legal Reference:
    ORS 332.107