• Ownership Rights of Instructional Materials: 5100

  • Section 5000: Personnel
    Ownership Rights of Instructional Material
    Board Policy: 5100

    Board of Education (BE)
    Approval: 3/8/06

    Materials, equipment or other intellectual properties developed by College staff using College facilities, funds, or equipment, or developed while the employee is on paid work time or performing services under contract to the College, are the exclusive property of the College. College funds, equipment and facilities are those administered by the College regardless of source. "Material" refers to all works including, but not limited to, publications, articles and other writings, lectures, musical or dramatic compositions, sound recordings, films, videotapes, disks or other pictorial reproductions, computer programs, listings, flow charts, manuals, codes, instructions and software. In the event that an employee produces items described above partly on his/her own time and partly on College time, the College reserves the right to claim full ownership. The employee, however, may petition the College for assignment of copyright or patent rights. Employees will not attempt to copyright or patent such items without the knowledge and consent of the president. Language in collective bargaining agreements related to intellectual property will prevail for those employees to whom the agreements pertain.


    Legal Reference:
    Copyrights, Title 17, as amended, United States Code, 19 CFR Part 133
    Patents, Title 35, as amended, United States Code