• Mother Friendly Workplace: 5180

  • Section 5000: Personnel
    Mother Friendly Workplace
    Board Policy: 5180

    Board of Education
    Approval: 9/14/16

    The College recognizes that a normal and important role for mothers is to have the option and ability to provide for a child by breastfeeding or expressing milk in the workplace. The Board directs the President to take measures and develop regulations to ensure that all College employees shall be provided with an adequate location for the expression of milk or breastfeeding.

    The President shall see that the College makes a reasonable effort to provide a room or other location in close proximity to the employees’ work area, other than a restroom, where an employee can breastfeed a child or express milk in privacy. This policy directs the President to include the following in the development of a regulation to ensure the provisions for employees required by this policy:

    1. The advice of a school nurse or health professional in determining the most reasonable facility accommodation;
    2. The plan shall include an accessible, private room with a lock that would allow a mother:
      1. To breastfeed a child brought in during lunch or other break period; or
      2. To pump breast milk to be stored for later use.
    3. The room shall include:
      1. Electrical outlets for electric pumps;
      2. Sanitation facilities, including a sink close by, for hand washing and the rinsing of containers; and
      3. A sign-up sheet and a sign posting the room as “private during use.”

    A reasonable effort will be made to provide a flexible work schedule in consideration of the requirements of the staff member’s responsibility.
    The College shall provide the employee a 30-minute rest period to breastfeed or express milk during each 4-hour work period, or the majority part of a 4-hour work period, to be taken by the employee approximately in the middle of the work period. If feasible, the employee will take the rest period at the same time as the rest periods or meal periods provided by the College.