• Social Media: 8030

  • Section 8000: District-Community Relations
    Social Media
    Board Policy: 8030
    Board of Education (BE)
    Approval: 01/13/2013
    1. Policy
      • Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) recognizes social media as a viable and effective channel for engaging with individuals and groups in the college community.
      • Official representation of MHCC on any social media site will present a uniform and consistent message and identity to our community.
    2. Purpose
      • The college’s purpose for using social media is to support MHCC’s vision, mission, values and core themes. MHCC’s official presence on the Web via social media is an essential link to the communities we serve and with whom we engage. A consistent and coherent presence will enhance the global community’s (internal and external) perception of the college. In conjunction with this policy and its associated regulations, any other MHCC policy or regulation that applies to communication via paper or electronic media will also apply to use of social media.