• Responsibilities of the Individual Board Member: 9060

  • Section 9000: Board By-Laws
    Responsibilities of the Individual Board Member
    Board Policy: 9060
    Board of Education (BE)
    Approval: 3/8/06

    The basic function of a Board member is policy-making and not administrative. Board members leave to the president the execution of policy and methods used to enforce the provisions of the policy.

    A Board member's guide will take into consideration the following guidelines as good practice:

    1. Request the opinion of others and graciously accept and support the principle of "majority rule" in Board decisions;
    2. Refer all complaints or problems to the president's office and discuss them at a Board meeting only after failure of administrative solution. Also refer personal criticism of any College operation directly to the president rather than to other College personnel;
    3. Require all College business transactions be on an ethical and above-board basis;
    4. Refuse to use or permit the use of a Board member's position for personal gain or for personal prestige;
    5. Decline to interject personal problems into Board consideration; and
    6. Refuse to participate in secret meetings that are not official and to which all members have not been invited.


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