• Board Officers: 9100

  • Section 9000: Board By-Laws
    Board Officers
    Board Policy: 9100
    Board of Education (BE)
    Approval: 11/6/16

    At its first scheduled meeting after July 1, the Board will elect one of its members to serve as Chair and one to serve as Vice Chair. No member of the Board may serve as Chair more than two years in succession. If a Board member is unable to serve an entire term as an Officer, a replacement will be elected immediately. The replacement Officer will serve the remainder of the Officer's term until the following July.

    Duties of the Officers

    1. The Board Chair will:
      1. Assist the president in establishing the agenda for regular Board meetings;
      2. Call special or emergency meetings when required;
      3. Preside at all meetings of the Board and enforce the rules of order;
      4. Sign the minutes and other official documents that require the signature of the Chair;
      5. Represent the College and the Board at official functions, unless this duty is delegated by the Chair of the Board to another Board member;
      6. Appoint all committees unless otherwise ordered by the Board;
      7. Have the right to discuss issues and vote; and
      8. Perform other duties as may be prescribed by law or by action of the Board.
    2. The Vice Chair will:

      In the absence, incapacitation or death of the Chair, the Vice Chair will perform the duties of Chair and when so acting, will have the Chair's powers. The Vice Chair will perform other functions as designated by the Board.

      In the absence of both Chair and Vice Chair, the immediate past Chair or Vice Chair in service present at the meeting will preside. If no past Chair or Vice Chair is present, the board will determine through majority vote, taken by the clerk of the board, which member shall conduct the meeting.

    3. Board or College Spokesperson

      The Board may appoint one of its members, usually the Chair, or another person to make authorized statements to the public or the media when the Board deems that, under the circumstances, the College's position should be articulated by a single voice. The spokesperson serves at the Board's direction and may be removed or replaced at any time by action of the entire Board.


    Legal Reference:
    ORS 255.335
    ORS 341.283 (1)