• Frequently Asked Questions About Business Management Degree Program

  • What will the program cost me?
    If you take the two years to complete your Business Management Degree Program, you will pay six terms of full-time tuition at (insert correct amount here) per credit, for a total tuition cost of $(new total) plus books and supplies, at the 2015-2016 tuition rates. If you take the one year only, prices are subject to change. Part time students extending their program over many terms may accrue greater costs, although they will pay much lower costs per term. Students needing preparation courses may also pay slightly more, depending upon the courses needed.
    How long does it take for me to earn a degree?
    The Business Management Degree Program will normally take two years of full-time attendance.  A properly qualified student entering Mt. Hood Community College seeking the first two years of a four year degree (and an Associate of Applied Science degree in the process), will normally take two years of full time study to finish, plus another two years at a senior institution. Some students take longer, however, either because they cannot attend college full time or because they require some brushing up on their reading, writing, or math skills.
    What do I get when I complete my program?
    What you get when you successfully complete the program depends on the program you have entered into:

    If you complete the two-year Business Management program you will:

    • Demonstrate critical thinking in business
    • Describe basic business functions, operational and organizational structures
    • Apply managerial, supervisory and leadership practices in a variety of situations
    • Demonstrate a working knowledge of financial statements
    • Explain the role of marketing
    • Explain the legal concepts related to business
    Is job placement assistance available?
    Yes. Although most students pursuing a baccalaureate (four-year) degree utilize the job placement program provided by their senior institution. Mt. Hood Community College does have a job placement office that can help you obtain a part time job while going to school or a career entry job if you decide to delay the completion of your four year program.
    What kind of job can I get when I complete my degree?
    If you complete the two-year Business Management degree program, you can expect to qualify for an entry-level business position with a local or regional firm. The Department of Labor O*Net website is a great resource for short & long term trends for jobs in the USA. Google it & check it out!
    How much can I expect to earn in my starting job?
    The U.S. Dept. of Labor’s website O*Net is a great resource for this type of data & it’s updated often. The site also gives you great information on the types of jobs that will be open and the typical tasks professionals perform in various job categories.  How much you expect to earn depends upon the program you have entered and completed. For example, in 2014, average salaries for entry-level accounting professionals is approximately $38,500 nationally. Average starting salaries for accounting clerks are approximately $25,000 nationally. Remember that it is not the starting salary but the advancement potential that is the key. Motivated graduates have few limits to either promotion or earning potential. But, remember it is not the starting salary one needs to keep in mind but the advancement potential for their future career. Motivated graduates have very few limits to either promotion or earning potentials.
    Source:  http://www.payscale.com/research/US/Job=Entry-level_Staff_Accountant/Salary
    Do I need to have a high school diploma or GED to start at Mt. Hood Community College?
    No. If you are 18 or over, you may begin your education with Mt. Hood Community College. If you have not completed high school you will want to complete either a high school diploma or GED, but you can do that right here at the college while beginning to work toward your business career. Students under 18, without a high school diploma, should consult the Mt. Hood Community College Career Planning and Counseling Center, 503-491-7432.
    Will I be required to take any placement tests?
    TA student may take one or two courses without taking placement tests, but all students, both full-time and part-time, should take the placement test as soon as possible and certainly when they begin working toward a degree or certificate. The placement process ensures students start their MHCC education at the right level. Placement testing covers three areas: reading, writing, and math, is free, and is conducted year around. To schedule a placement test, call the Testing Center at 503-491-7591.
    Can I only begin in the fall term?
    No. Most classes in the required by the Business Management degree program and are offered during all regular academic terms, and many are even available during Summer term.
    Are the required classes offered at night?
    Yes, but it will take you a longer time to complete your program that way. All of the courses required by the Business Management programs are offered at least occasionally at night, but many are not offered at night every term. Careful planning is necessary to complete the program entirely a night.
    Do I need to take my classes in some kind of special order or sequence?
    Sometimes. Some classes must be taken in sequence, some have prerequisites that must be taken first, and some have none of these restrictions. Prerequisites are listed in the college catalog, but for a thorough understanding of which classes to take in which order it is best to see your academic advisor well before you plan to register for classes.
    How do I get an Program Advisor or Counselor and what is the difference between the two?
    A counselor is a professional especially equipped to assist you in making a career choice, personal planning, self-evaluation, and other personal and educational decisions. A Program Advisor is an instructor in your chosen academic specialty, such as the Business Management program, who has a wide experience with both the student needs and the needs of the field or profession that you have chosen. The counselor can help you select a profession or career, while the advisor can help you achieve the selected career or profession. To see a counselor, call (503) 491-7432 for an appointment or drop into the Career Planning and Counseling Center at Mt. Hood Community College any weekday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. any weekday for an appointment. Note: while appointments must be made during the daytime, the appointment itself can be in the evening if that is more convenient to your schedule.
    Do I need to apply to get into the program?
    You must apply with the Admissions Office at Mt. Hood Community College. There is no special application necessary for students interested in pursuing the Business Management degree.