• Gourmet Cooking Classes

  • OSU Extension Canning Classes

    July 6 - 6 - 9 pm - Preserving Fruit Products/Boiling Water Canning. Review safe, current methods of food preservation, basic techniques, necessary equipment, references and resources. Hands-on portion will focus on preserving local fruits in products such as jams and pie fillings.

    July 13 - 6 - 9 pm - Preserving Vegetables & Meat/ Pressure Canning and Drying: Cover the safe and simple process of pressure canning vegetables and meats, including fish. Students will learn to use and care for pressure canners and review tips for high-quality and nutritious dried foods.

    July 20 - 6 - 9 pm - Preserving Tomatoes and Salsas. This class covers current options for preserving tomatoes, tomato sauces, juice and "The Laws of Salsa." Students will make and compare a variety of salsas in class.

    July 27 - 6 - 9 pm - Pickling. Review procedures for pickling vegetables, including fermented versus fresh pack pickles, and selecting and preparing ingredients. Students will make fresh-pickles during the class.

    Instructor: Jeanne Brandt, County Specialist/Educator
    OSU Extension delivers the latest research on preparing food safely and preserving the flavor of your bountiful garden

    HEC4PB.91 Cooking with Plant Based Foods for Optimal Health

    With Vegan Chefs Jeanne Schultz and Jill Russell

    July 11 and July 18, 1-4 p.m.
    This two part plant-based cooking class is designed for beginning to intermediate level students who want to learn more about incorporating nutrient dense, gluten free, anti-inflammatory and gut friendly foods into their diets. Group led demonstrations as well as hands-on activities will be provided along with reference guides, recipes and samples. Discover how to make the basics like nut and seed milks, improve knife skills, replace eggs in cooking and baking, and learn how to veganize a recipe.

    Faculty Bios
    Jeanne Schultz:

    Jeanne is the founder of Upcycling Creations and is a plant-based, vegan chef, teacher and instructor who teaches group or individual plant-based cooking classes and she features one of a kind hand made items created from upcycled materials.

    Jeanne cherishes the opportunities she gets to interact with others who are also interested in plant-based diets, sustainability issues and compassionate living. She loves being able to share the tips and techniques she uses in her own kitchen to make other's journeys just a little bit more enjoyable.

    Jeanne has been a lacto-ovo vegetarian for over 25 years and vegan since 2011. She wrote and self-published a recipe compilation with over 75 organic and nutrient dense recipes in 2013 called Upcycled and Vegan Recipes for Real People-A Recipe Compilation.

    Jeanne received her Level II Vegan Chef training through Vegan Fusion in Portland, Oregon with Mark Reinfeld.

    She also holds an undergraduate degree in Art Therapy, a Master's degree in education and is a retired special education teacher.

    Jill Russell:
    Jill's mission is to educate and guide families into learning about the joy of healthy, plant-based cuisine. She believes that choosing to live a kinder, compassionate lifestyle through dietary choices will lead to optimum health and wellness. Jill loves sharing her knowledge of how easy, fun and delicious plant-based cooking can be. A foodie at heart, she is a self-taught vegan cook, "veganizing" cookbook recipes so they are free all of animal products. She has been cooking delicious vegetarian cuisine for her family over the past 15 years. She has been a recipe tester for several popular vegan cookbook authors and gives cooking lessons and demos in her community. Jill authors a blog, "Musing of a Vegan Kale Lover" (heavenlykale.blogspot.com), where she muses about celebrating the joyfulness of living a compassionate, plant-powered lifestyle. Her website is "Jill's Joyful Kitchen" which can be found at www.jjkitchen.com.

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