• COVID-19 Update for Dual Credit

  • Updated as of: March 20, 2020

    Dual Credit COVID-19 Information for Students and Parents

    College Now Dual Credit relies on the partnership between high schools, faculty, and MHCC.  Many decisions related to the COVID-19 virus depend on decisions made by our K-12 partners.  We’re providing the information below as guidance to understand the decision-making process.

    Possible scenarios

    Considerations that will be part of decision making include:

    • If schools move to online or remote teaching, that option may support teaching the MHCC outcomes as well. Exceptions could include classes that have a significant hands-on component that cannot be addressed by students without access to lab facilities.
    • If schools move to stay closed, then it will directly impact the Dual Credit class and whether the course can be completed. MHCC cannot expect or require Dual Credit teachers to continue offering college curriculum to students if they are not on contract.
    • If schools extend their school year, then there may be enough time to complete coursework. However, that decision cannot be made at this time and will have to be addressed as more guidance is received from the president, governor and individual district leaders.
    • All college outcomes have to be taught for the course to be complete. This is an important consideration when determining if the course can be completed this year.

    Possible outcomes

    Dual Credit may or may not be earned this year depending on the scenarios above. Here are the possible results of the decisions listed above:

    • If courses resume online, or if the school year is extended and all course outcomes can be taught, then credit may still be earned.
    • If a course cannot be taught with sufficient exposure to the hands-on portion of the class, or is unable to teach to all of the learning outcomes, then students will be dropped from the course. This will not result in a “W” on their transcript.
    • If a district does not resume for the school year, then students who have registered for Dual Credit classes that are in process and unable to be completed will be dropped from their courses.
    • If the school year is extended, and students and teachers have enough time to cover all of the learning outcomes in the course, then we will extend the registration window for spring and allow students to register for the course if other considerations such as access to hands-on opportunities or labs are met.

    We are providing this information as guidance at this time. We know things are not static and will continue to be updated.
    Please contact CollegeNow@mhcc.edu with any questions.