• CPT Schedule

  • College Placement Testing

    The College Placement Test measures your skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. It is designed to ensure your success by helping us to place you at the appropriate course levels. The test is given free of charge to incoming students.

    Testing is done on a DROP-IN BASIS (refer to schedule on the back). Please allow approximately 90 minutes to complete testing. If you are unable to complete the test by our closing time listed on the schedule, you will be asked to return and finish another day. Testing is done on a first-come, first-served basis. Space is limited, so you may be asked to wait before you can be admitted into the testing room.

    What to Expect

    If you have never taken classes at MHCC or if it has been more than one year since you last attended, please submit your Admission form prior to taking your placement test. This should be done at least 48-hours before testing. The form can be found at www.mhcc.edu/admissions.

    Each person will take a Computerized Placement Test (CPT) for placement into Reading, Writing and Mathematics courses. Although the CPT is computerized, KNOWLEDGE OF COMPUTERS IS NOT NECESSARY TO TAKE THIS TEST. It is administered UNTIMED. Calculators are allowed only on certain math tests. You will be provided with scratch paper and pencils.

    Receiving your results: You will receive a copy of your CPT scores immediately following your test. If you have any questions or concerns about your scores or course placements, please visit the Academic Advising & Transfer Center for assistance. MHCC policy states that one retest will be allowed per calendar year, per subject area.

    For more complete information about the CPT, including answers to some frequently asked questions and sample test questions, please visit our website http://www.mhcc.edu/TestingServices, or pick up a CPT brochure in Student Services or in Testing Services.

    If you have a documented disability and may require special testing accommodation, please contact the Accessible Education Services at 503-491-6923 (v/tt).

    What to Bring With You

    • Photo Identification
      (You will not be allowed to test without a valid photo ID.)
    • Your MHCC ID #

    Where to Go

    Gresham Campus, Testing Services – Room 2335. Located on the upper level, adjacent to parking lot E.

    Maywood Park, Community Skills Center. Located in the lobby, to the right of the main entrance.

    How Long it Takes

    REMEMBER, THE TEST IS NOT TIMED. On average, the test takes approximately 90 minutes (but it may take longer). Remember…you must allow yourself enough time to finish by our published closing time.