• CTE Reissue Letter Steps

  • For teachers who need to have their Restricted CTE license reissued on 6/30/18, here is some pertinent information:

    1. In the TSPC e-Licensing system, the teacher selects “Apply for a new license”
    2. The teacher completes the information for a Restricted CTE license (as if it is new)
    3. A District Support Letter needs to be submitted with the application, indicating that the district intends to continue employing the teacher and that the applicant is making adequate progress on the Professional Development Plan. (Please contact Regional Coordinator if your district needs additional information on the components of a complete letter of support.)
    4. The applicant must pay the $150 fee that is requested by the system. After paying this fee, the applicant may then contact TSPC (online.tspc@oregon.gov) and request a $90 refund. The total cost of the annual re-issue fee is $60 ($50 for the application, and $10 processing fee).