• Career Pathways with Additional Support

  • Supported career pathways are for students who want short-term education and job training, who need additional academic and support services, have tested below college level in reading or math, or are non-native English speakers who need language support, and are highly motivated.

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    Benefits include:

    • Technical content mastery, practical skills, and literacy skills
    • Career readiness
    • Job search assistance
    • Support throughout the career pathway program
    • Help with application processes for tuition assistance - tuition assistance and scholarships may be available

    The Career Pathways team will help you find the right career and education path, support you to reach your college and career goals, and connect you with high-demand jobs.

    Accelerated Supported Instructional Models

    The teaching models (VESL or I-BEST) enable students to work on literacy skills and/or language skills, or pre-college (remedial) courses at the same time they are working on certificates or degrees. In other words, this teaching method allows students to work on college-level studies right away, clearing multiple levels with one leap.

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    See Adult Basic Skills for additional information about accelerated supported instructional models: https://www.mhcc.edu/Accelerated-Supported-Instruction/

    Career Pathway Programs 2022-2023

    Child Development Associate: Preschool/Family Child Care

    Contact: Angelique.Kauffman@mhcc.edu

    Classes: This 12-month program includes 200 hours of contextualized English language and academic support, 120 hours of CDA training courses, 480 hours of volunteer or paid employment, a professional portfolio, a professional observation, and national credentialing exam. Individuals who complete the program are eligible to apply for Level 7 certification through the Oregon Registry.

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    Contextualized ESL for Child Care

    Contact: Angelique.Kauffman@mhcc.edu

    Classes: This three, six, or nine-month program offers three distinct 10-week courses that can be taken as one, two, or three consecutive courses that advance students’ English language proficiency in the context of Early Learning. Individuals who complete this program are prepared to enter the CDA program or entry level positions in the Early Learning field.

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    Contact: Angelique.Kauffman@mhcc.edu

    Classes: Catalog

    Check out our online video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3wq9_AMeU0

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    Construction Pre-Apprenticeship

    Contact: Isidro.Chan@mhcc.edu

    Classes: CPELL is a 12-week, in-person program (taught in English), during the day Monday-Friday.  The program is free and will prepare you for a future career in the construction industry!

    Our next class will start in August 2023.

    **Please fill out this form and we will contact you with more information.

    Interest Form: https://forms.office.com/r/fsdvQj1zxg

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    Application Steps

    1. Call the program contact listed above for more information
    2. Attend an Information Session (group or individual session)
    3. Complete the MHCC Career Pathway Application
    4. Take a reading assessment (some programs also require a math assessment)
    5. Complete a one-to-one interview with a Career Pathways Specialist
    6. Complete a tuition assistance application


    Who is eligible?

    Students who would like a positive support system to begin their college experience. Students that want a small class size, extra academic and support services, help navigating the college system, and classes that will lead to future educational and career pathways.

    Many of our programs are specifically designed for non-native speakers of English with intermediate to advanced levels of English proficiency.

    How can extra support help me?

    Support classes help students to build skills to be successful in their college experience as well as for jobs in the 21st century. An additional instructor provides literacy skills and language support (if appropriate) classes, while a career coach provides a career readiness class, referral to on and off campus support services, and job search assistance that give maximum support for student success.

    Will I earn college credit?

    Yes! Every technical content class that a student takes earns college credit. In fact, many, if not all, of these credits can be applied towards programs of student at MHCC. The support classes are non-credit and an integral part of the program to increase student success.

    What happens after I complete the career pathway program?

    The choice is up to you. Many students find that they are good at school and enjoy college. During the program, students research what they would like to do next. Some students decide they would like to go directly to work, while others decide to continue with college to obtain a degree.

    Is there financial assistance?

    There are different sources of funding, such as Federal Financial Aid, MHCC Foundation Scholarships, and WorkSource Scholarships. Students receive help from a career coach to navigate and apply for funding.

    What does a program schedule look like?

    The typical program is full-time during the day, Monday-Friday. Evening cohorts begin at 6pm, Monday-Thursday. During the day, students attend study sessions, complete homework and connect with a career coach.

    When can I start these programs?

    See the individual program details or contact us today to get started!

    Do I have to take all of the support classes?

    Yes. If a student is not able to enroll in all of the classes because of time restrictions, please contact a program specialist to learn about other Career Pathway options.