• Commencement Information

  • The information below is based on commencement information for June 2019. 2020 Commencement will be held on June 13, 2020. Check back later for information.

    COMMENCEMENT REHEARSAL is Friday, June 14 at 2 p.m. at the College Stadium
    (It should last no longer than 30 minutes)

    COMMENCEMENT is Saturday, June 15 at 10 a.m. at the College Stadium

    Cap and Gown Purchase:
    Purchase your cap and gown through the College Bookstore..
    Commencement Honors Information:

    Rho Theta/Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Students have achieved a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher to join the honor society and have maintained a 3.0. They may wear a wide gold stole, a gold tassel and a key medallion. Members of Rho Theta who have earned a 3.65 or higher cumulative grade point average as
    of the end of Winter term, 2019 may wear an additional double blue and gold cord. Rho Theta ordered some extra regalia, and it is available on a first-come, first-served basis during office hours from starting the first week of May at the Bookstore. The remaining items are going to be sold at the Rho Theta office until it is gone. You may also purchase these items directly from the Recognitions portion of the Phi Theta Kappa website, ptk.org. Their phone number is 503-491-7020.

    MHCC Honors Students have achieved a MHCC cumulative grade point average of 3.65 or higher as of the end of Winter term, 2019 and may wear honor cords and/or tassels. MHCC Honors regalia are available for purchase in the College Bookstore.

    Reporting to the Yoshida Event Center (formerly known as the gymnasium)/Lineup Instructions for Day of Ceremony:

    Graduating students should report to the Yoshida Event Center no later than 9 a.m. June 15 to line up by their certificate or degree program. There will be volunteers in the Yoshida Event Center with signage and lists of program titles. Two lines will be alphabetic by program and will begin forming inside the Yoshida Event Center entrance closest to the parking lot. The left line order will be Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer, Associate of General Studies, Associate of Science and Associate of Science in Business. The right line will start with the Career-Technical programs alphabetically with Administrative Office Professional and Apprenticeship, being first.
    If students are earning more than one certificate and/or degree, they may choose which program to line up in. Graduating students will enter the stadium in a double line. If students want to sit with a friend in the same program, they will line up in the same line - not side by side. Tassels on caps are worn on the right side of your

    The volunteers will also be handing out cards needed for announcing student names and certificate/degree programs. Parking by the Yoshida Event Center is limited, so plan to arrive early. Secure all personal belongings in car trunks or leave at home. Wear weather-appropriate clothing under your gown. Ponchos will be provided if rain is in the forecast.

    Guest Parking:
    There is ample free parking throughout the Gresham Campus with disabled parking available in the stadium parking lots as well as in other areas of the campus. In addition, there is a disability parking lot to accommodate mobility-impaired guests who wish to sit in the limited reserved seating area on the track. The entrance to this lot is east of the Yoshida Event Center/stadium parking lot entrance. Note: Parking will be limited in the parking lots near the stadium due to an Aquatic Center event.
    Shuttle Buses:
    Shuttle buses will be picking up and dropping guests off at the flagpoles by the main entrance and in front of the Early Childhood Center at the far north side of campus. Shuttles will run from 8:30 a.m. until noon, and will arrive every 10 to 15 minutes. One of the shuttle buses is handicap equipped.
    Tickets are not required and seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Gates will open at 8:45 a.m.
    Special Seating:
    Special limited seating areas will be provided for mobility-impaired guests. No more than one individual may sit with the guest in these special seating areas.

    The seating areas for mobility-impaired guests are:
    1. On the track for which guests must park in an adjacent disability parking lot
    2. In the top rows of the general stadium seating area
    MHCC will also provide appropriate seating arrangements and an interpreter for hearing-impaired guests in the stadium. This seating will be viewable to our sign language interpreters located on the main stage. Please check with the Commencement volunteers at the stadium gates upon arrival.
    First Aid/Security:
    A First Aid station will be located in PE117 inside the Yoshida Event Center. For any immediate first aid assistance, please locate a Security officer or one of the Commencement volunteers (identified by a MHCC volunteer name tag).
    Name Cards:

    Name cards and pencils will be available in the gym. Students will need to fill out two cards and keep it with them as they line up. The cards will later be handed to two different Commencement volunteers at the top of the stage ramp. The announcers must be able to read the cards, so please print clearly and do not fold or wrinkle it. The cards must be filled out in the following manner:

    Photographer card side #1:
    Fill out the front of the card with your name, address, and other information requested by the professional photographer. (Proofs will be sent to you with no obligation to purchase.)

    Photographer card side #2:
    On the back of the card, print your name and your certificate/degree program(s) as printed in the Commencement program. The title of the certificate/degree program will be announced once for each group walking across the stage. If unsure of the correct wording of the degree or certificate, a Commencement volunteer can assist. If your name is difficult to pronounce, spell it as it sounds.

    White post card: This card is for the Sign Language Interpreter and Alumni Association. Print your name and certificate/degree program(s) on the index card, which will be given to the sign language interpreter so they can sign your name and certificate / degree correctly.

    Approaching the Stage:
    When the conferring of degrees and certificates begins, students will be taken by rows to walk across the stage, one at a time. Students will hand the photography card to a Commencement volunteer on the right and will hand the white post card to another Commencement volunteer on the left. If any assistance is needed on the ramp, please notify a Commencement volunteer before the ceremony. Leave the Commencement program (not the cards) on your chair so you can shake hands and receive your degree/ certificate cover. Any disruptive behavior or gestures or inappropriate attire will result in the immediate removal from the premises. Please let your guests know that the use of air horns is prohibited.
    Walking Across the Stage:
    When the student name is read, they will step forward and approach the College President. Extend the left hand for the degree/certificate cover and the right hand for the handshake. After shaking the President’s hand, proceed forward to shake a College Board member’s hand and to receive a small MHCC Graduate lapel pin. Then, proceed in the same direction to exit the stage and return to your seat.
    Graduation Photo:
    A professional photographer will be at the front of the stage taking pictures as each student receives their degree/certificate cover. Because of this, it is very important that students “step on the ‘X’” on the stage when front and center. Because we provide a professional photographer, family and guests are not allowed to approach the stage with cameras and/or video equipment. Tripods are not allowed. Please share this information with family and guests.
    Exiting the Stage:
    Students will proceed across the stage and down the ramp where another photograph will be taken. Faculty marshals will help direct students back to their original seats.
    Exiting the Stadium (Recessional):
    Once all of the students are back in their seats, the College president will give congratulations. After this, the recessional music will start. Exiting the stadium will happen in this order.
    1. Dignitaries
    2. Faculty members
    3. Students - faculty marshals will usher students out row by row. Please DO NOT STOP to visit or in any way hold up the recessional.

    Gown Donation: Students wishing to donate their gowns to next year’s graduating class may do so after the ceremony by placing them in the Associated Student Government (ASG) boxes located in various areas within the gym. After the ceremony, students may drop their gowns off at the ASG Offices in the Student Union.

    Degree/Certificate Mailing:
    Degree covers are empty at graduation. The degrees/certificates will be mailed after final grades have been posted and the degree audit completed. Be sure that the Admissions, Registration and Records Office have your correct address by calling 503-491-7393 or checking online via MyMHCC at my.mhcc.edu.

    Congratulations! This is your celebration! Remember to smile and have a great time!

    All Mt. Hood Community College locations are completely tobacco free. For more information, visit: www.mhcc.edu/tobaccofree.