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Accounting Assistant

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Could working in a accounting
be your career pathway?

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Accounting Assistant Career Pathways Certificate

Accounting Assistant

  • Are you good with numbers?
  • Do you like to work with data and detail?
  • Would you like to use computer applications to process financial information?

If you say yes, then accounting could be your career pathway.

  • Gain bookkeeping skills for office employment
  • Learn skills in data entry and database management
  • Apply knowledge of accounting systems in business situations
  • Complete payroll processing and spreadsheets

Courses apply to the Business Management: Accounting Associate of Applied Science Degree.

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Career Pathways Accounting Assistant

Accounting Assistants and Bookkeeping Clerks

Accounting assistants and bookkeeping clerks manage the financial records of companies or clients. They are essential workers at most companies. They document and record financial data. This information is used for reports, research, financial statements, and payroll use. In smaller offices, bookkeepers handle all finances. They record money taken in or spent. They summarize spending habits and prepare reports for managers and supervisors. They may also prepare bank deposits by collecting cash and checks.

In larger offices and accounting departments, accounting assistants and bookkeeping clerks are more specialized. Their titles may vary to reflect the type of accounting they do. They enter the details of transactions, such as the amount of the check and the check number. They also find the totals for accounts and compute interest charges. They may monitor loans as well as accounts payable and receivable, making sure that payments are up to date. More experienced workers have more difficult tasks. Many accounting assistants are responsible for payroll and bills. Other duties may include creating and filing vouchers and invoices.

Accounting assistants and bookkeeping clerks use accounting software on computers. They create computer spreadsheets to organize data. Clerks may code documents and post transactions on the computer. They can review invoices and statements as well as check the completeness and accuracy of financial reports. They must ensure that their actions comply with federal and state laws and with company procedures.

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