• Letter of Interest

  • Thank you for your interest in the Mt. Hood Community College Cosmetology program. I hope you will find the following information pages helpful.

    The Cosmetology industry is an exciting and creative field. In our contemporary society, men and women are becoming concerned with their personal appearance, and rely on professionals for their expertise in enhancing natural assets, skin, nail, and hair health, and creating individual attractiveness.

    At the campus, the School of Hair Design offers a complete, modern facility with up to date equipment, and products commonly used in the industry. Cosmetology services are available to the faculty, students, and the general public.

    The curriculum introduces students to a broad spectrum of Hair Design, Esthetics, and Nail Technology application, with in-depth instruction that emphasizes hands-on-learning with instructor assistance and actual clients. Customer service is emphasized with courses such as: Psychology of Human Relations, Speech, and Workplace Communications. Virtually all of the course work is covered in seven consecutive terms.

    A graduate of this program will be prepared to take the Oregon State Board Certification Exam for Cosmetology. Upon successful completion of the certification procedure, graduates who seek employment find a position shortly after graduation if not before.

    If you have questions about the Mt. Hood Community College Cosmetology program, or information about program admission please feel free to contact one of our instructors.


    Marty Castellanos
    Instructor of Cosmetology

    Denise D'Angelo
    Instructor of Cosmetology

    Carol Redwine
    Instructor of Cosmetology