• Course Outline - ISTM183C Fundamentals of CyberSecurity

  • Course Number Course Title Course Credits
    ISTM183C Fundamentals of CyberSecurity 3

    Course Description:

    In this class, students receive instruction and lab assignments focused on introductory concepts in cybersecurity. These concepts include cybersecurity theory and basic techniques for optimizing security on personal computers and small networks. Training in this course can potentially lead to an ECCouncil Security|5 certification.


    1. Differentiate the various types of security from a computer systems perspective (e.g. CyberSecurity, email security, physical security,
    2. Describe various basic security practices (e.g. strong passwords, firewalls, account controls, file privacy, etc.)
    3. Create a user account on a computer using basic security techniques
    4. Describe and demonstrate appropriate file backup techniques
    5. Describe basic computer log entries and identify potential security issues
    6. Differentiate between various security threats and computer attacks
    7. Identify several techniques appropriate to provide basic protection of a small computer and/or small network
    8. Describe basic incident response techniques
    9. Identify potential threats to wireless networks
    10. Create a risk analysis for a network in a small business or clinic