• Course Outline - ISTM297 CyberSecurity Capstone

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    ISTM297 CyberSecurity Capstone 4

    Course Description:

    This course is the capstone course for all students in the Networking and CyberSecurity (DB) curriculum track. Lectures in this course draw together information from previous courses to demonstrate appropriate and relevant implementation techniques. In this course, students design a policies and procedures manual appropriate for a small business, medium business, or enterprise. Working in teams, students design virtual networks to attack and defend against attacks.


    1. Describe how a variety of policies and procedures can support a small business in dealing with its own cyber security risks
    2. Create a risk analysis for a small or medium sized business typical of the local area
    3. Create a policies and procedures manual appropriate for a small to medium sized office
    4. Design a network using a variety of security components (this may be performed using either a virtual or real network)
    5. Design an attack strategy for a typical network
    6. Attack a contained network (that is, a network developed in the class) in a "capture the flag" event
    7. Analyze an attacked network. Identify where and how the defenses failed, and describe how the defenses could be redesigned to prevent
      future attacks