• Current International Students

  • Marc Bandeira
    Marc Bandeira
    São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
    Psychology Major

    Marc is the former vice president of the Associated Student Government. He came to Gresham, Ore., in 1999 as an exchange student at David Douglas High School and “fell in love” with the area. Marc was accepted to five colleges in England, but chose to pursue his career as family psychologist at MHCC.

    “Amazingly enough, I love the weather,” said Marc. “I came back because I wanted to participate in student government and I really feel at home here at MHCC.”

    Marc says he loves being an international student on the MHCC campus because his instructors and fellow students are so welcoming.

    “MHCC gives international students the opportunities to be successful,” says Marc. “They open the door; we just have to cross it.”

    Elena Cristurean
    Elena Cristurean
    Clujnapoca, Romania
    Graphic Design major

    Elena didn’t realize she had an artful eye for design until she started taking classes at MHCC. She took general education classes and found herself in a graphic design course where she found her calling.

    “I love going to MHCC because you can explore your interests and get to know what you would like to do for a career,” said Elena. “In Romania, you have to commit to one course of study, but here it’s more open. Thanks to MHCC, I’ve gotten to know things about myself that I didn’t know before.”

    Elena, who speaks Romanian, English and French, was attracted to MHCC because of the location, academic programs and wet climate. Eventually, she hopes to work in the book publishing industry, creating book covers.

    “The Graphic Design program is very challenging, but the teachers are very helpful and they invest the time to help students do their best,” said Elena.

    Uzoma Izunagbara
    Uzoma Izunagbara
    Gdynia, Poland
    Nursing Major

    Uzoma Izunagbara is the affable product of a Polish mother and Nigerian father, but considers himself a “citizen of the world.” Uzoma studied English philology at the University of Gdañsk in Poland but had an opportunity in 2002 to study in the United States near his brother, who lives in Portland, Ore.

    “The ability to speak English fluently is a stepping stone to other careers,” said Uzoma. “Nursing matched my character because it’s more humane.”

    Eventually, Uzoma hopes to attain a Ph.D in medicine, with a focus in genetics. He serves his peers as a student senator and is a member of the Multicultural Club.

    “MHCC is a beautiful college. The teachers are compassionate and what we learn is updated,” said Uzoma. “There are very educated people here who serve as great resources.”

    Mayumi Negishi
    Mayumi Negishi
    Nishinasuno, Tochigi, Japan
    Nursing Major

    Mayumi came to MHCC in 2000 after practicing nursing in her native Japan for five years. She took general education classes to attain her associate of arts degree, pass the TOEFL examination and to learn difficult English vocabulary and medical jargon she would need in her nursing education.

    In 2004, Mayumi smoothly transferred to Oregon Health & Science University to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree.

    “The non-nursing courses at MHCC helped me a lot because it was hard for me to understand English medical terminology,” said Mayumi. “Classes like anatomy and human development helped me to study for the Registered Nurse test.”

    Mayumi credits her MHCC instructors and peers with her success in America and believes the college is a great place for international students to start their higher education.

    “I have a lot of fun at MHCC and have made many friends on campus,” said Mayumi. “The instructors are very friendly and nice. They help me enjoy learning.”