Advising Services at a Glance

The Academic Advising and Transfer Center is here to assist you in reaching your educational goals. We serve as an information hub helping new students move through the process of enrolling at MHCC and continuing students to reach their goals. Services for students include:

  • One-to-one advising sessions
  • Assessing course placement
  • Developing an education plan
  • Evaluating (unofficial) course work from MHCC and other colleges and universities
  • Creating first term schedules
  • Clarifying academic policies and procedures
  • Providing information about degree requirements and transfer options
  • Making referrals to campus resources
  • Providing demonstrations for on-line services and DARS, audit reporting system
  • Making information available through both print and Web resources
  • Serving as primary advisers for students with “General Studies” as their major

Academic Advising is truly one of the most important factors that will support your college success. Your academic adviser is responsible for helping you understand your options, choosing and completing your college goal, and cheering you on to your personal achievement. Your First Year Experience will be much more satisfying if you take advantage of this resource person.

New Students

At Mt. Hood Community College all new students must submit an admission form  online at

New students with no previous college coursework in math, writing or reading must take the College Placement Test (CPT) in the Testing Center, room AC2335 (behind the library). Upon completion of the CPT, students will be referred to the Orientation Center for first term course planning, registration help, and completion of financial aid forms if applicable. The Orientation Center is located in room AC1002, below the Vista Dining Hall.

New students with previous college coursework in math, writing or reading should take their transcripts to the Academic Advising & Transfer Center (AATC). The AATC is located on the upper level of the Academic Center (above the college Bookstore) within the area labeled Student Services. Students are seen on a first-come, first-served basis in the AATC during regular office hours (noted below). We encourage new students to meet with an adviser well before the first day that they are eligible to register. After the initial advising session with a professional academic adviser in the AATC, students are referred to their own specific faculty adviser for future advising services.

Adviser assignments are based on each student's declared major. Faculty members are assigned to students who have chosen a major within the faculty member's field of study. Students who have chosen “General Studies” as their major are assigned one of the professional academic advisers who reside in the AATC.

You will be notified who your assigned adviser is by the first welcome letter you receive from MHCC. This information is also printed on your transcript. Once you have the name of your adviser, you can get his or her contact information from the MHCC web site at and click on Program Adviser List.

After your first session in the AATC, one of the staff will provide you a referral contact sheet for your faculty adviser. The referral contact sheet includes the name, office number, phone number, and email of your adviser. It is really important that you meet and work with this most significant resource for your college experience. Connecting with your adviser on a regular basis is a corner stone of your First Year Experience.

New Students
Start HereIt’s easy to become a student at Mt. Hood Community College. Simply click on the "Start" button and follow the Steps for Getting Started. When you are finished, you will have applied for admission and financial aid, registered for classes, toured the campus, purchased your books, and you will be ready to start the new term!

Continuing Students

As a new student, you are assigned a faculty adviser based on your declared major. After your initial session in the AATC as described above, you will be referred to your individual faculty adviser. You will retain this adviser for the time you are at MHCC as long as you maintain your declared major or you request a different adviser. See Changing Advisers below.

Changing Advisers

When you change majors

If you wish to change majors, you should do so officially in the Admissions office or the Academic Advising and Transfer Center. This way we can ensure you are assigned another adviser who will match up with your new major.

When you have a personal preference

All students have the option of changing their advisers based on their personal preferences. Each person is unique, and some personality types work better together than others. All you need to do to change your adviser assignment is to come to the AATC and make the request at the Intake Desk.

Contact Information For The AATC

Location: Academic Center Rm. 2182
Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Wednesday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Phone: 503-491-7315
FAX 503-491-6095

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