• DRC Services

  • The Diversity Resource Center offers a wide variety of services to MHCC students and employees including:

    Safe Space:

    The DRC is a designated safe space for dialogues, studying, student organization meetings,  workshops and trainings, presentations, support and community building.


    The DRC assists students with campus and community resources.

    Intercultural Library:

    With a wide range of books, DVDs, and materials, the DRC is an important stop when looking for information on heritage, multiculturalism, diversity, regional history, and more.


    The DRC has five stationary MacBook Pros available for student use during hours of operation.

    Personal Meditation Space:

    Designed to accommodate students of all or no faith, this intimate space allows for quiet reflection.


    Opportunities for skill development, coaching, mentorship and empowerment that enhance capacity for self-advocacy and greater effectiveness in an increasingly diverse world.

    Professional Development for Employees:

    Centered on cultural fluency, intercultural effectiveness, and development of interpersonal communication skills.


    Activities regarding cross-cultural themes consistent with and including diversity, inclusion, unity, social justice, and intercultural effectiveness.