• Fall Term 2021

  • MHCC will operate a mix of in-person and remote classes this Fall. Students in need of support services such as admissions, academic advising, financial aid or anything else are encouraged to fill out and submit a Student Support Services Request Form.

    Understanding the Remote/Online Schedule in the MyMHCC Portal
    Please reference this guide when viewing the schedule of remote/online classes to determine which have scheduled meeting times and which do not.

    First, be sure to pay special attention to the “Faculty/Schedule” column in the schedule of classes. That is where you will find the name of the instructor teaching the course and whether or not it has scheduled meeting times for live lectures.

    In the “Faculty/Schedule” column:

    • If there are no days listed and times are listed as zeros (00:00-00:00AM), you will not need to log on to specific live lecture times.
    1. If there are days and times listed, you will need to log into the class during those days and times for live lectures.

      M = Monday
      T = Tuesday
      W = Wednesday
      R = Thursday
      F = Friday
      S = Saturday
      U = Sunday
    2. If two or more days of the week are listed, such as MW or TR, then you will need to log on to the class both days at the times listed.



    In an effort to help students understand how their classes will be held, we have created this chart illustrating which programs will be taught fully online, face-to-face or a mix of both. If you do not see your program listed below, assume that it is going to be taught 100% online.

    Adult Basic Education & General Equivalency Diploma mixed dot YES
    Adult High School Diploma/Gateway red dot     YES
    Apprenticeship mixed dot Limited Entry
    Athletic Team Classes   black dot   YES
    Automotive: Chrysler/Import/Subaru black dot YES
    Automotive: Ford Asset     mixed dot YES
    Business Management: Accounting mixed dot YES
    Business Management: Accounting Assistant     mixed dot YES
    Business Management: Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management mixed dot YES
    Business Management: Marketing & Sales     mixed dot YES
    Business Management: Mobile App Development & Marketing mixed dot YES
    Child Development & Early Education     mixed dot YES
    Community Education red dot YES
    Computer Game & Mobile App Programmer     mixed dot YES
    Computer Game Development mixed dot YES
    Computer Information Systems (CIS) red dot     YES
    Cosmetology mixed dot NO
    Cybersecurity red dot     YES
    Dental Hygiene mixed dot Limited Entry
    Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)     mixed dot YES
    Engineering Technology mixed dot YES
    English as a Second Language (ESL)     mixed dot YES
    Fisheries Technology mixed dot YES
    Fitness Professional     mixed dot YES
    Funeral Services Education mixed dot Limited Entry
    General Education & Electives     mixed dot YES
    Graphic Design black dot YES
    Health and Physical Education (HPE)     mixed dot YES
    Human Development red dot YES
    Integrated Metals: Machine Tool Technology     mixed dot YES
    Integrated Metals: Welding Technology black dot YES
    Intensive English for College & Careers (IECC) red dot     YES
    Mathematics mixed dot YES
    Mechatronics     mixed dot YES
    Medical Assistant mixed dot Limited Entry
    Medical Office     mixed dot YES
    Mental Health mixed dot Limited Entry
    Music     mixed dot YES
    Natural Resources Technology red dot YES
    Nursing     mixed dot Limited Entry
    Nursing Assistant 1 black dot YES
    VESL Nursing Assistant     mixed dot YES
    Nursing Assistant 2 (CNA 2) black dot YES
    Photography   black dot   YES
    Physical Therapist Assistant black dot Limited Entry
    Respiratory Therapy   black dot   Limited Entry
    Science Labs mixed dot YES
    Surgical Technology   black dot   Limited Entry
    Theatre mixed dot YES
    Video   black dot   YES
    Visual Arts mixed dot YES