• Fireplace Gallery Schedule

  • Exhibit Schedule 2015-2016

    Medicine Men
    Medicine Men

    Exhibit: 9/21/15-10/23/15
    Exhibit Title: Medicine Men
    Artist: Rita Alves

    Medicine Men
    Inner Turmoil

    Exhibit: 10/28/15 – 11/24/15
    Exhibit Title: Inner Turmoil
    Artist: Erika Rier

    Solar Eclipse
    Abstractions on Nature

    Exhibit: 1/4/16 – 1/28/16
    Exhibit Title: Abstractions on Nature
    Artist: Karla Britfeld

    Making the best of the Bleak
    Making the best of the Bleak

    Exhibit: 2/2/16 – 2/26/16
    Exhibit Title: Making the best of the Bleak
    Artist: Tatyana Ostapenko

    Upcoming exhibits will be posted as they become available.