• GED Honors Scores for Placement

  • If you earned your GED within the last 5 years and scored at Honors-Level (165 or higher) on the Language Arts and/or Math tests, we may be able to waive all or part of your placement test.

    How do I transfer my GED scores to MHCC?

    Please login to your GED.com account, request a copy of your transcript then email the transcript to testing@mhcc.edu for evaluation. Once your scores have been received, Testing Staff will evaluate your transcript and enter your placements into your MHCC record so that you can register for classes.

    Where will my GED scores place me?

    Test Name Test Score Course Placement

    Language Arts


    RD117 & WR121Z



    MTH111Z (pre-calculus)

    Can I earn college credit for my GED scores?

    If you scored a 175 or higher on any of the GED tests, you are eligible to receive college credit at MHCC! Please visit https://mhcc.edu/GED-College-Ready-Credit to learn more.

    Please contact us at testing@mhcc.edu if you have any questions.