AM240 :  Drivetrains 2/Air Conditioning 2 Theory - Chrysler MCAP and IMPORT

This course is a continuation of the study of the theory, function and operation of automotive air conditioning and heating systems and components. Emphasis is on AC system testing and diagnosis. This is a continuation of the study of principles and theory of hydraulically and electrically operated transmissions, transaxles, torque converters, manual transmissions and transaxles, differentials, drivelines, axles and clutches. Emphasis is on the detailed purpose and functions of each component working together within the assembly. Electronic controls and the hydraulic to electronic interaction are discussed and related to vehicle diagnosis. Students also study NVH principles, measurement methods and diagnostics.
Prerequisite: AM140 and AM160, or instructor consent. Concurrent enrollment in AM241 or instructor consent is required.
Credit Hours: 5
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