ART236 :  Life Drawing III

This is the third course in a yearlong sequence in the study of the human form and anatomy for artists. Students will continue skeletal and musculature studies including overlay drawings of the head, neck, arms and legs. Although students will continue to draw directly from the model in class, this course expands beyond the basic form and structure of the figure to discover conceptual, metaphorical and cultural narratives. Students develop drawings that exhibit a personal or expressive component beyond the classical descriptive studies done in ART234 and ART235. Proposals for extended studies are discussed in class and approved by the instructor. Students are required to write in response to reading material regarding the history of anatomy for artists. Students will apply visual metaphors within drawings to compare and contrast values and ethics in an every-changing community. Sequential.
Prerequisite: ART235 or instructor consent.
Credit Hours: 4
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