ED209A :  Practicum: Introductory Observation and Experience

This course is designed to give students hands-on experience in schools as observers and participants and to explore major issues in education. Students will reflect on their experiences, respond to readings and learn more about the education environment. For ED209A, students may get repeatable credit for no more than three credits. For ED209B, students may get repeatable credit for no more than four credits.
Prerequisite: RD090 and WR090, each with a grade of "C" or better; or placement above stated course levels. Co-requisite: ED200 or instructor consent.
Practicum hours to be arranged in a K-12 educational setting (minimum 30 hrs for ED209A and minimum 60 hours for ED209B.) Oregon Administrative Rules require that students complete a measles immunization certificate before attendance at their school practicum site. Some school districts may require a criminal background check and fingerprinting. Forms are available from the instructor.
Credit Hours: 1
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