• Hospitality

  • One-Year Certificate

    Catalog Year 2018-2019

    Hospitality and Tourism encompasses the largest industry in the world and is the world’s largest employer. Students who wish to pursue a career in this dynamic, ever-growing industry will find the Hospitality & Tourism Certificate a great option. Students receive instruction in essential business skills to prepare them for entry-level positions in this dynamic industry. The certificate is designed to afford instruction in hospitality management that can lead to their career choice.

    Program Outcomes

    At the completion of this curriculum, the student should be able to:

    • Apply basic management skills in a business environment
    • Identify the various components of hospitality and tourism industry
    • Identify key components of guest service critical to successful industry operations
    • Demonstrate working knowledge of key operational metrics and financial statements

    First Quarter (Fall)
    Course Number Course Title Credits
    BA101 Introduction to Business 4
    BA131 Introduction to Business Computing 4
    BA211 Accounting I 4
    HT108 Introduction to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry 4
    Second Quarter (Winter)
    Course Number Course Title Credits
    BA205 Business Communications 4
    HT141 Customer Service Management 3
    WR121 English Composition 4
    HT234 Sanitation and Safety 2
    Third Quarter (Spring)
    Course Number Course Title Credits
    BA223 Principles of Marketing 4
    BA285 Leadership and Human Relations 3
    HT105 Catering, Restaurant and Food Management: Concept to Customers 3
    HT206 Hotel and Resort Operations Management 3
    HUM202 Age of Technology: Ethics in the workplace 3
    Total Credits: 45