• How to Start a Club

  • How to Start a Student Club or Organization

    Step 1

    Hold an informal meeting of interested students to determine the club's purpose and objectives. If a faculty or staff member has been identified as a potential adviser, invite them to the meeting. Students interested in forming a club need to ultimately identify an adviser.

    Step 2

    Complete the Charter Application form, which includes detailed and important information on the purpose and intent of the proposed student club or organization.

    Step 3

    Gather the signatures of at least eight currently enrolled students on the Club Charter Application Support List form.

    Step 4

    Find a MHCC employee (faculty or staff member) who is willing to act as the club’s adviser. A student club or organization may have co-advisers, one of whom does not have to be a MHCC employee. However, the “advisor of record” must be a MHCC employee. Have the adviser(s) read and sign the Adviser Agreement form, indicating that they are willing to be the clubs’ adviser.

    Step 5

    ASMHCC By‑Laws require that each club submit a written constitution in order to be chartered. Create a constitution by following the example and instructions on the Sample Club Constitution Format (attached). All sections of the sample constitution should be considered when creating your constitution.

    If you need assistance, contact the ASG Director of Student Orgs & Clubs (SOC) and/or the Student Events Coordinator to assist you in the development of your constitution.

    Step 6

    Submit the charter application form, the charter application support list, the adviser agreement and the proposed constitution to the Office of Student Life. The material will be forwarded to the ASG Director of SOC who will prepare the material for consideration by the ASMHCC Executive Cabinet and the Student Senate. You will be notified when your request will be reviewed by each group, so that you may attend and answer questions that might be posed by them as they review your application.

    Step 7

    The ASG Executive Cabinet recommends approval to the Student Senate after which the club or organization is officially chartered and the Student Life Office will begin the procedures to set-up a club financial account and complete other processes to make the club active.

    Step 8

    A representative of the club is required to attend meetings of the Student Organizations Council (SOC) to allow for appropriate planning and the coordination of club and organizations programs, activities and efforts.