• I-Best Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible?
    Students who would like a positive support system to begin their college experience. This system is built to equip students with a strong foundation of skills to be successful in their continued college education and/or in the workplace.

    Students of any age that want a small class size, an extra instructor in the classroom, help navigating the college system, and classes that will lead to future educational and career pathways.

    How can I-BEST help me?
    I-BEST classes help students to build skills to be successful in their college experience as well as for any job in the 21st century.  Students develop skills that support their career and educational goals. Faculty help students connect with numerous on and off campus resources. Two instructors in the classroom and built-in study sessions give maximum support for student success.
    Will I earn college credit in this program?
    Yes! Every content class that you take in the I-BEST program will earn you college credit. In fact, many, if not all, of these credits can be used in many different programs at MHCC. The support classes are non-credit, but required for the program cohort so you receive the support you need.
    What happens after I complete the I-BEST program?
    The choice is up to you. Many students find that they are very good at school and enjoy it after being in I-BEST. During the I-BEST program, you will research what you would like to do next. Some students decide they would like to go back to work because they have updated skills that will benefit them, while others decide to continue on to obtain a degree at MHCC.
    Is there financial aid assistance?
    Depending your current situation, there are different sources of funding. You will receive help from an I-BEST specialist to help you navigate and apply for funding.
    What would a typical I-BEST program schedule look like?
    The typical day program schedule may begin at 9am and is finished by 4pm, Monday-Friday. The evening cohorts are from 6pm-9pm, Monday-Thursday. During your day, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of study sessions-complete your homework and receive help.
    When can I start these programs?
    See the individual start of each program. Contact us today to get started! Stephanie Haas, Student Resource Specialist or Angelique Kaufmann-Rodriguez, Workforce Development Specialist.
    Do I have to take all of the I-BEST classes?
    We strongly suggest that you take all of the courses because they are a blend of classes that are designed to teach you a well-rounded set of skills. You will have the opportunity to network with classmates. If you are not able to enroll in all of the classes because of time restrictions, please contact us to learn about other Career Pathways options.
    Who should I contact if I am interested?
    Angelique Kauffman-Rodriguez
    Workforce Development Specialist
    Career Pathways
    Mt. Hood Community College/WorkSource Portland Metro East
    Stephanie Haas
    Student Resource Specialist