Integrated Media 2-year AAS Degrees

  • Integrated Media is an Associate of Applied Science degree program that leverages decades of faculty experience, state of the art facilities, and an emphasis on digital media for the Creative Services industry. The Integrated Media Program features a shared core of digital skills across the disciplines of Photography, Graphic Design, and Video.

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    Broadcasting Digital Assistant CPCC
    Integrated Media
    JD Kiggins
    Office: AC1383
    Blakesley Clapp
    Office: AC1385
    Graphic Design
    Dale Gronso
    Office: AC1384
    David Strohl
    Office: AC1371

  • Integrated Media: Graphic Design

    Integrated Media's Graphic Design program provides students with in-depth understanding of design and composition, illustration, typography, Web design, new media and advertising.
    Integrated Media: Photography

    Integrated Media: Photography

    The Integrated Media: Photography program balances personal artistic development with an intensive focus on technical skills and building commercially-viable sensibilities. Students explore contemporary photographic applications of digital technology: composition, portraiture, digital workflow and media management, studio and location lighting, applications of DSLR video and freelance business practices.

    Integrated Media: Video

    Integrated Media's Video program offers a comprehensive aesthetic and technical foundation in all aspects of narrative and documentary digital filmmaking by balancing theory with hands-on production classes. A sequence of team-based production classes which include collaboration with students from other integrated media disciplines, offers multiple opportunities to explore narrative, documentary, commercial, industrial and music video formats.