• Labs, Studios, Equipment

  • Integrated Media classes prepare students to be fluent in industry-standard software and production equipment. We have six Mac labs, six broadcast studios, and several large video and photography studios. Specialized camera and recording equipment is available for student checkout.


    AC1353 Mac Lab (Broadcasting)
    18 iMac computers
    18 AVID ProTools workstations

    AC1365 Non-Linear Editing Lab (Video)
    21 iMac dual core computers
    Apple TV
    60 inch HD LED projection screen

    AC1386 Mac Lab (Photography)
    22 iMac computers
    Epson scanners and printers
    22 Wacom tablets

    AC1391 Mac Lab
    22 iMac computers

    AC1392 Mac Lab (Graphic Design)
    24 iMac computers
    24 Wacom tablets
    Canon ImageRunner i50300 color printer
    12 Canon flatbed scanners

    Media Production Equipment

    Canon 5D and 7D Mark II HDSLR cameras, lenses, rigs
    Canon, Tamaron, Nikon, Prime, Zoom EOS and Zeiss lenses
    Panasonic HVX200 / P2 HD camcorders
    Canon XA100 HD camcorders
    BlackMagic Cinema camera
    Panasonic DVX100 / 24p DV camcorders
    Zacuto and Chrosziel two-stage matte boxes
    Lensbaby, Century Wide Angle and Fish Eye lens adapters
    Zacuto, Chrosziel and Redrock Micro rods and mounts
    Zacuto Z-finders and Small DP4 EVF
    Schattler, Miller, Manfroto and Vinten support systems
    Rhino sliders and Aviator jib arms
    Sennheiser, Beyer, Rode mics w/boom pole and Roycote
    Sony and Lectrosonic wireless systems
    Arri, KinoFlow, White Lightning, and Lowell lighting kits
    Canon and Nikon speedlights
    Elinchrom, Pro Photo and AlienBee strobe systems
    Elinchrom Octabank light modifiers
    Gossen and Sekonic meters
    Color Munki and Eye One color management tools
    Canon EOS Rebel digital cameras
    4-channel field mixers and boom mics
    30 iPad2 tablets

    Production Studios

    Studio A: 40' X 30' w/ dimmer system on overhead grid
    Studio B: 50' X 40' w/ dimmer system on overhead grid
    AC1371: 12' X 20' portrait studio with pro photo strobe system
    Event and studio multi-camera production training with BlackMagic ATEM HD 4 input studio system and remote 3-camera package.

    Sound Recording Studios and Equipment

    Recording Hardware
    2 ProTools HD workstations
    2 192i audio interfaces
    2 Sonodyne SM200AK monitors

    Mic Preamps
    Presonus Octopre MKII
    FocusRite Liquid Channel
    JDK Audio R20 2 Channel Mic Pre
    JDK Audio R22 2 Channel Compressor
    API 3214 Mic Pre/Mixer
    SolidState Logic Alpha Channel

    Shure Microphone Drum Kit
    Sennheiser e604 series kit
    Audio technica Pro37
    Audio Technica 4050
    Rode NT1A
    AKG 414XLII
    Blue Microphone Bluebird Condenser
    Shure SM-57 Dynamic Microphones

    KMHD2 Radio Studios
    VoxPro 5 digital audio editor
    2 Axia Livewire Smart surface on-air consoles
    Axia Radius on-air console
    10 Shure SM-7 microphones
    Tieline Commander G3 field remote codec
    Tieline Commander G3 Studio codec
    Tieline i-Mix G3 field remote codec