• Japanese Courses Offered at MHCC

  • Courses offered: Course Number: Credits Fall Winter Spring Summer
    First Year Japanese I JPN101 5 X X
    First Year Japanese II JPN102 5 X X
    First Year Japanese III JPN103 5 X *
    Second Year Japanese I JPN201 5 X
    Second Year Japanese II JPN202 5 X
    Second Year Japanese III JPN203 5 X
    Beginning Japanese Conversation II JPN112 3 *  
    Beginning Japanese Conversation III JPN113 3 *  
    Intermediate Japanese Conversation I JPN211 1  
    Intermediate Japanese Conversation II JPN212 1  
    Intermediate Japanese Conversation III JPN213 1  
    Introduction to Japanese Culture JPN260 3 *
    Comparative Culture INTL210 3 X

    * indicates that the course is offered only certain years.

    Comparative Culture is offered only for the students who participate in Learn Japanese in Kyoto (Study abroad in Japan) program during the summer.

    If you are serious about studying Japanese language at MHCC, the best plan recommended is to take JPN101 in fall, JPN102 in winter, JPN103 in spring, a Japanese course in summer if available, JPN201 in the following fall, JPN202 in winter, and JPN203 in spring. Plan to participate in the summer study abroad in Japan (and take INTL210) after you finish JPN103 or JPN203. This will prepare you well to move on to the third year Japanese at a four-year university and to do a long-term study abroad in Japan. It is important that you take all these courses one after another without any break in between or it is very likely that you will have to retake the course you took the last before moving on to the next level.

    For course description and schedule, go to the Course Description and Schedule on MyMHCC.

    MHCC provides free drop-in Japanese tutoring service for all MHCC students.