• Cultural Exchange Programs

  • There are two cultural exchange programs at MHCC. One is an outbound program that happens during the summer for about three weeks from mid-June through early July and the other is an inbound program during the winter for about three week from mid-February through early March.

    Outbound summer study abroad program was first named "Learn Japanese in Kyoto" program when it was first offered in 2003. It is also known as MHCC @ Ryukoku program. During this program, a group of MHCC students visits Ryukoku University to study Japanese culture and language through field trips to many historical/cultural sites,  interaction with local people (host families and Ryukoku U students) and cultural study in classroom on Ryukoku U campus. 

    Inbound program was started in 1996 as a later summer program. Though there was a break between 2000 and 2006, the program was restarted in 2007 as a winter program. During this program, a group of Ryukoku U students visits MHCC to study American culture and English through field trips to some historical/cultural sites, interaction with local people (host families and MHCC students), and customized EFL class on MHCC campus.