• For High School Students

  • If you have taken four years of Japanese language at your high schools, it is possible that you can enroll in the second year level of Japanese at MHCC. Contact us and determine which class you should start with. 

    Reynolds HS and Gresham HS offer Japanese Language I/II/III/IIII. If you take these classes through MHCC's College Now program, you can earn the college credits for the First Year Japanese at MHCC without paying the tuition to MHCC. If you take all First Year Japanese courses at MHCC, that is $1556.25 based on the tuition 2015-2016. So why not take advantage of the College Now program! For tuition and fee comparison with other colleges, see the page  Foreign Language Requirements For Universities in Oregon.  

    In order to be admitted to universities in Oregon, you must have completed 2 years of HS foreign languages or 2 terms of College foreign language.  
    In order to graduate with BA (Bachelors of Arts), you must have completed 2 years of the same foreign language at College.

    MHCC's first year Japanese credit hours are transferable to many 4 year universities including PSU, OSU, U of O, etc. That means, you can complete all foreign language requirement for your BA degree at these four year universities for free at Reynolds HS and Gresham HS through MHCC's College Now program.