• Winter Inbound Program

  • (aka Ryukoku@MHCC program)

    Students from Japan visiting MHCC

    Ryukoku @ MHCC Winter Program is a cultural exchange program. Students from Ryukoku University will be at MHCC with the purpose of enhancing their knowledge of American culture and English language by interacting with the people they meet, especially the host families and the MHCC students. During weekday mornings, Ryukoku students will be learning English in their special EFL class. They have their mandatory field trips and activities scheduled in some afternoons and on a weekend. Host families and MHCC helper students have opportunities to join some of these trips and activities.

    If you are interested in hosting a Japanese university student, please contact Janine Shockly, Janine.Shockly@mhcc.edu, Phone 503-491-7165.