• Why Should I Join The Forensics Team?

  • Forensics Builds Strong Leaders 10 Ways

    1. Learn to speak on their feet.
    2. Perfect their public speaking skills through hours of practice and competition.
    3. Learn from observing some of the best speakers in the country/world in action during debates and IE competition.
    4. Develop confidence by meeting performance goals and earning awards.
    5. Understand the critical current issues of our day through multi-disciplinary examination and analysis.
    6. Learn how to persuade judges from diverse perspectives.
    7. Observe the intellectual trends popular in the world.
    8. Make lifelong friends on the team and from other schools.
    9. Become part of the ONE percent of college students who compete with peers from other schools.
    10. Gain valuable experience for future careers in law, teaching, media, or organizational leadership and life-long communication skills.