• Computer Skills Lab

  • For Students

    • Come in and use the Computer Skills Lab five days a week (we’re part of tutoring services).
      • Note: Open lab and computers are still available even when classes are using the lab.
    • Receive computer help from friendly, knowledgeable tutors and assistants.
    • For more personalized help contact Lance Lannigan, Technology Learning Specialist.
      • Make one-on-one appointments.
      • Drop in to the lab and ask for Lance.

    For Instructors

    • Reserve the AC3333 Computer Skills Lab up to three times per term per class and receive LSC Assistant support for your classes.
    • Ask Lance to provide technology training for your classes in computer skills, such as MS Word, MyMHCC Portal, Saints Email, PowerPoint, etc.

    Computer Tutoring Handout

    Computer Lab Guidelines and Procedures

    Other MHCC Computer Labs