• Medical Assistant Curriculum

  • Restricted Entry, Less than One-Year Certificate

    Catalog Year 2017-2018

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    A medical assistant is an allied health professional that supports the services and care provided to patients in a variety of healthcare settings. They perform routine clinical and administrative tasks under the direct supervision of a physician or health care professional. They are an important part of the healthcare team, they are directly involved with patient care, education, and diagnostic procedure as well as the functional operations of the clinic. The medical assistant program will provide the student with a complex body of knowledge, specialized skills and practical experiences needed by a medical assistant to meet the standards for entry into the profession.

    Upon completion of the program requirements, the student earns a Certificate of Completion and will be eligible to apply for and take the National Certification exam to become a Certified Medical Assistant.

    Program Outcomes

    At the completion of this curriculum, the student should be able to:

    • Perform administrative office duties in an ambulatory healthcare setting
    • Perform technical clinical skills accurately while providing services and care for patients in the medical office environment
    • Recognize and problem solve situations related to the medical office environment
    • Communicate effectively with patients, physicians, and co-workers
    • Demonstrate proficient knowledge of medical terminology and mathematical calculations related to the healthcare environment
    • Perform in a safe manner that minimizes risk to patients, self and others
    • Demonstrate professional conduct and apply legal, social and ethical responsibilities within the healthcare environment
    • Successfully complete the National Certification exam

    Application Requirements:

    This is a restricted entry program. To be considered for admission, all prospective students must satisfactorily meet the admission criteria and apply to the program via registration for an interview session. Specific requirements, information session dates, and the application information are available at the MHCC Web page at www.mhcc.edu/MedicalAssistant

    All admitted students must pass a criminal background check and submit all required immunizations prior to entering the program. At the time of starting the program the students must pass a drug screen as directed by the program.

    Application Requirements Pre-program Courses

    The following list of courses is intended for students taking their preparatory courses at MHCC.

    Note: All pre-program requirements must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.

    The following list of courses need to be completed prior to registering for an interview session:
    BI100 - Survey of the Body System 4 credits
    CIS120L - Computer Concepts Lab I3 1 credits
    MTH060 - Beginning Algebra I14 credits
    WR115 - Introduction to College Writing 4 credits
    RD090 - Effective Reading and Learning Strategies2 5 credits

    1A College Placement Test (CPT) score does not fulfill this requirement. Students must successfully complete the required mathematics course (or higher.)
    2Students must take RD090 or place into RD115 on the College Placement Test (CPT)
    3Applicants who have not completed CIS120L may take a challenge exam to fulfill this requirement. Please note, the challenge credit will be recorded as an “S” (satisfactory) grade and will not be included in the GPA calculation. For more information regarding the challenge exam process, please go to https://www.mhcc.edu/challenge

    First Quarter (Spring 2018)
    Course Number Course Title Credits
    MA110 Fundamentals for the Medical Office 3
    MA110L Fundamentals for the Medical Office Lab 1
    MA213 Medical Terminology for the Medical Assistant 2
    MO136 Healthcare Documentation* 3
    MO140 Understanding Medical Insurance * 3
    PSY101 Psychology of Human Relations 3
    Second Quarter (Summer 2018)
    Course Number Course Title Credits
    HE252 First Aid: Responding to Emergencies 3
    MA111 Interpersonal Communication in the Ambulatory Healthcare 1
    MA210 Fundamentals for the Medical Office Clinical Procedures 6
    MA210L Fundamentals for the Medical Office Clinical Procedures Lab 3
    Third Quarter (Fall 2018)
    Course Number Course Title Credits
    MA214 Medical Assistant Clinical Practicum 9
    MA215 Review for Medical Assistant Certification Exam 1
    Total Credits: 38

    *It is highly recommended that students take MO136 and MO140 during the program and not prior to starting the program.

    All courses listed in the curriculum must be completed with a “C” or better and must be taken in the prescribed sequence stated above.