• Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to get a college degree. What courses do I need to take to fulfill the Modern Language requirement?
    Requirements To Be Fulfilled By High School Courses By College / University Courses
    General university elective (101 only) Language I, II (one year) Language 101
    **OUS (Oregon University System) entry requirement (to get into PSU, UO, OSU, etc.).
    **OUS exit requirement for a B.S.
    Language III, IV (two years) Language 102 (second term!!)
    General university elective Data 03 Language 103
    Arts & Letters credit requirement   Language 201
    Arts & Letters credit requirement   Language 202
    **OUS exit requirement for a B.A. Data 04 Language 203
    I've taken language classes in high school. What course should I enroll in?
    If you've taken ..then enroll initle
    Less than three semesters Language 101
    Three to four semesters Language 102
    Five to six semesters Language 103
    Seven to eight semesters Language 201
      Language 202
      Language 203
    What languages do you offer at MHCC?
    • ASL (American Sign Language): First- and second-year sequences
    • French: First-year sequence
    • German: First-year sequence
    • Japanese: First- and second-year sequences
    • Spanish: First- and second-year sequences
    What if I like languages but want to major in something other than languages?
    You can:
    Minor in a language.
    Do a double major in a language and in your other discipline.
    Note that the AAOT does not offer a Modern Language major as such.  You will need to wait until you transfer to declare it.
    What language would benefit me the most?
    If you feel a particular affinity to a language, take that language. Go with your natural flow. If you are not certain, here is a broad outline that might help (but it’s not the last word!):
    Health, human services, K-12 education, small local business, politics: Spanish, ASL.
    Science, technology, engineering, computers: German, French, Japanese.
    Intl business: German, French, Spanish, Japanese.
    Fine and performing arts, music: German, French, Italian, Japanese.
    International development, Peace Corps, diplomacy: Spanish, French.
    Tourism, librarianship: All of the above