• The Mt. Hood Scholars Program

  • What is the Mt. Hood Scholars Program?

    The Mt. Hood Scholars program is designed for Mt. Hood Community College students who are first time college students or who are the first in their family to go to college. If you have never attended college before or have earned less than 20 college credits, this program might be right for you.

    Who's eligible?

    First-time, first generation students who have earned fewer than 20 credits.

    Program Requirements:

    What resources does Mt. Hood Scholars provide?

    Once enrolled in the program, students are matched with a Student Success Specialist who assists them with:

    • Navigating academic advising, financial aid, academic support, and any other potential barriers to completing college
    • Earning dollars for tuition for future terms by successfully completing selected math, writing and college success courses within their first year at MHCC
    • Receiving one-on-one tutoring from a program-specific Math Learning Specialist
    • Connecting to a cohort of students who support each other to succeed.
    • Accessing financial support for immediate needs related to staying in school (books, supplies, etc.)