• Network and Firewall - Security Technician Curriculum

  • Career Pathway Certificate of Completion

    Catalog Year 2018-2019

    This intermediate-level certificate demonstrates proficiency in network implementation, network security, firewall implementation and maintenance and server hardening techniques. Holders of this certificate are trained in network to network routing, the use of Wide Area Networks WAN), implementation of Voice over IP (VoIP) and best practices, CyberSecurity implementation, beginning scripting techniques and server hardening. Jobs appropriate for this certification
    include but are not limited to network technician, firewall technician, and server specialist. Students completing the training in this certificate are able to sit for Cisco CCNA certification and Cisco CCNA-S certification.

    Students participating in this certificate should be able to demonstrate proficiency in the Secure Network Technician curriculum.

    Program Outcomes

    At the completion of this program, the student should be able to:

    • Write basic scripting commands in a common language
    • Conceptualize, design and diagram possible solution for networks
    • Design and develop networks for a medium sized business or larger
    • Work with others as part of a computer security team
    • Design an appropriate strategy to defend a small network
    First Quarter (Spring)
    Course Number Course Title Credits
    CIS122 Computer Concepts III 4
    CIS153 Scaling Networks 4
    CIS284NS Network Security Fundamentals 4
    Second Quarter (Fall)
    Course Number Course Title Credits
    CIS279S Windows Server OS 4
    CIS288 Connecting Networks 3
    ISTM283CC Cyber Competition 3
    Total Credits 22

    The Network and Firewall - Security Technician program is not financial aid eligible. However, the related degree program, CyberSecurity and Networking is aid eligible.