• Events and Information for New Students!

  • New Students Events

    Discover events and activities on campus that are designed specifically for new students of MHCC. These include:

    • HD100 College Success: 1 credit transferrable course. Start off strong with a special course to increase your success at MHCC and beyond! HD100 is offered both pre-fall term and during the term in 5-week and 10-week formats.
    • Summer Bridge: Summer Bridge is a great way to get a head start on fall term. Lunch is included when you sign up for this unique 2-day orientation event. More information to come!
    • New Student Orientation Day: New Student Oriention Day is your chance to get to know MHCC’s campus and the resources you need to be a successful student! Join us for campus tours, a Get Connected Fair, and/or a Q&A session. More information to come!
    • HD208 Career and Life Planning: 3 credit transferrable course. Not sure what you want to do for a living after college or what college major you want to pursue? This is the class for you! Recommended for Oregon Promise students during their first year of college. (Pretty sure you know what you want to do but need more info or help choosing between two options? Try HD110, a 1-credit version of HD208.)
    • HD225 Transferring to a Four-Year College: 2 credit transferrable course. This course covers topics including university research, how to know if your classes will transfer, how to write application essays and requests letters of recommendation, putting together a university budget, and more. HD225 is offered as an online class every winter and spring terms, and no textbook is required. Because of early university deadlines, it is recommended you take this course during your first year at MHCC.