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Changes Coming to Copier Machines

Posted June 1, 2011 

Changes are coming to the way students order and pay for photocopies, effective summer term 2011.

The change is part of Mt. Hood Community College’s (MHCC) new optimized print Program, which is replacing copiers with new machines, for significant cost savings and numerous other benefits. The new machines are referred to as multi-function devices, or MFDs, due to their ability to print, copy, scan and fax.

This will be a similar system as the system found at FedEx Kinko’s. Students will need to have a debit card or a credit card, or load funds onto a smart card (called an ExpressPay card) in order to make prints and copies. ExpressPay cards may be purchased for $1 (and then loaded with funds) at any of five kiosks located throughout the College.

The new system is easy to operate. Besides an ExpressPay card, students must have a flash drive (also called a USB flash drive or a thumb drive) on which they save their document in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or as a PDF. When they are ready to output to an MFD, users will need to insert the flash drive and their ExpressPay card and specify the quantity (and type) of prints (or copies).

It is important to note that current JAMEX cards will not work after June 11, and there will not be any refunds for money remaining on the cards.

Instructional classrooms in which students use computers as part of their class work will have access to MFDs. The printing required for class activities will be managed by the faculty. In other areas, the pricing will be as follows: 


Paper Size

Cost Per Sheet




8.5 x 11



Two Sided






8.5 x 14



Two Sided






11 x 17



Two Sided



Students will have access to numerous MFDs throughout MHCC, five of which will have color capability. On the Gresham Campus, the new equipment will be located at:

  • Allied Health (room AC 2795): (black and white)
  • Library: (two black and white, one color and two kiosks)
  • Automotive & Integrated Metals (North Lobby): (black and white)
  • Computer lab (AC 1450 – 1453): (one color and one black and white)
  • College Center: (one color and one kiosk)

At the Bruning Center for Allied Health, new equipment will be located in room 219 (one color and one kiosk). At the Maywood Park Campus, new equipment will be located in rooms 219-220 (one color and one kiosk).

MHCC Employees 

The optimized print program also includes a large component for MHCC employees. Existing copiers throughout the College are being replaced with MFDs, and the new machines are networked together, for greater efficiency and security.  The program includes 80 copiers and more than 200 laser printers, which will be managed onsite by Copiers Northwest.

The program is expected to save the College about $200,000 per year, over the next five years by reducing the overall costs of printing, copying, scanning and faxing. In addition, knowing the cost for one-sided versus two sided, black and white versus color, will enable all users to make informed choices about the print and copy resources provided by the College.

Other benefits include:

  • Free scanning to all users
  • Increased access to color copying and printing for both students and employees
  • Reduced waste


Detailed operating instructions will soon be posted on MY MHCC. Employees have been receiving training when MFDs are installed in their departments/work areas. For more information, please contact Sue Aschim, manager of graphics, mailroom and warehouse at sue.aschim@mhcc.edu.


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