• Novatime FAQ


    PHASE 1 PARTICIPANTS – Includes part time hourly and student employees. Not included in phase 1 were HeadStart or members of the PFTA.

    PHASE 2 PARTICIPANTS – Includes management and confidential employees except for HeadStart.

    PHASE 3 PARTICIPANTS – Includes all HeadStart employees.

    Go Live date – date when paper time sheets are discontinued and only Novatime is used for time entry.

    Who is affected?

    Part time hourly and student employees AND their supervisors. Headstart and part time faculty employees are excluded at this time.

    Why are we doing this?

    Primarily, we are making these changes to ensure

    • Everyone is paid for the hours they worked
    • Adherence to federal and state laws
    • Increased efficiency by eliminating the current manual paper process
    • The ability to see your timesheets and leave accruals in real time
    What if I need to serve students or customers as soon as I arrive at work and don’t have time to punch in?

    Your supervisors can update or correct your timesheet for you. If you are unable to punch in or out, you should notify your supervisor as soon as possible. Each department will establish their internal process on how to handle these situations. If a computer is available, it takes about 10-15 seconds to punch in or out.

    Does everyone have to enter time?

    For phase 1, all part-time hourly and student employees will use the system (except for HeadStart employees). In phase 2, management and confidential employees will be added. Phase 3 will add HeadStart employees. Phase 4 – tbd.

    Other than entering time how does this affect me?
    • PHASE 1 and PHASE 2 SUPERVISORS – Supervisors will have to approve timesheets much like they do now. An added task is updating staff members’ timesheets for any missing punches.
    • PHASE 1 and PHASE 2 STAFF – will enter time and/or request leave (paid or unpaid) via the system; supervisors will review and approve leave requests electronically.
    What if I miss punching in/out?

    Not a problem - notify your supervisor and they can update your timesheet.

    What if I’m sick?

    Notify your supervisor as normal and they can update your timesheet.

    What if my supervisor isn’t here to approve my timesheet or sick leave?

    The system will have alternate supervisors who can approve and modify your timesheet as needed. Also, the system administrator can update timesheets as well.

    What if I have two jobs, how do I punch in/out?

    There is a ‘transfer’ feature which allows you to choose from your list of positions before punching in. Refer to the user training materials for more information.

    What if I don’t have a computer?

    Each area will have 1 or more designated computers or time clocks for you to use.

    I don’t have a ‘home office’ since I’m visiting sites each day. How do I punch in/out?

    In these situations, talk with you supervisor for department guidelines and procedures.

    When do I start using the new system?

    Phase 1 implementation is complete and phase 2 is in the dual-system testing process as of 10/14/19 with a go live date tbd. Phase 3 will start a pilot on 1/1/20 with a small number of HeadStart sites.

    Is everyone moving to a new payroll cycle?

    No. As of Jan. 16th, 2019, part time hourly and students employees were moved from a monthly pay cycle to a bi-monthly pay cycle (pay day is 15th and last working day of each month). In a change not directly related to NOVAtime, PFTA members were moved to bi-monthly pay during Summer 2019. Other groups may eventually be moved to this pay cycle but, for the present, all remaining groups will continue to be paid monthly.

    Why are paper time sheets and NOVAtime time sheets due at different times?

    Because they are prepared well in advance and we are in the middle of the current fiscal year, paper timesheets will continue to be used and processed according to the dates originally laid out to minimize the impact of the dual-system testing. NOVAtime works on a fixed-pay cycle and working by calendar month is the option that best aligns with our current systems.

    Until a decision is made by HR/Payroll, paper timesheets will continue to be due after the 2nd Friday of each month. NOVAtime time sheets are due after the end of each month. .

    Hey, my supervisor/accruals/pay rate/etc. is wrong in NOVAtime! Can you change it?

    The information in NOVAtime is updated daily and reflects the information currently available in CX. The update process runs automatically every evening with the export of the data from CX at 9:00 pm. Correcting NOVAtime requires correcting CX as changes made by system administrators in NOVAtime will be overwritten during the update process.

    If your supervisor’s name is incorrect (you are assigned to the wrong person in NOVAtime), please contact Human Resources.

    Questions about accruals and pay rates should be directed to Payroll.

    The NOVAtime team cannot correct this information in CX, it must be done through the proper channels.