• Community Survey

  • We had more than 130 respondents to the community survey, including college students, faculty and staff, as well as community members. Some similar and broad themes emerged from the responses, including:

    What opportunities and challenges will face Mt. Hood Community College in the next 5 - 7 Years?

    • Funding (sustainable funding, passing bond, capital funding)
    • Meeting enrollment goals
    • Facilities/Infrastructure
    • Changing demographics - meeting needs of a changing community through new programs/services
    • Offering new programs to meet changing needs of community/business/industry
    • Insuring technology is up to date

    What are the skills and qualities that are important for the new president?

    • Communicate effectively with many audiences
    • Vision
    • Engage with communities, including business/K/12/diverse communities
    • Authentic/Transparent/Integrity/Good listener/Patience/Accessible
    • Collaborator/Strong team builder/Strategic
    • Fundraiser/Marketing/Pass a bond

    How can MHCC Connect with its Diverse Communities?

    • Reach out to communities of color beyond Gresham
    • Listen. Be open and approachable.
    • Make equity and inclusion front and center
    • Be visible in diverse communities
    • Use ABE/ESL program
    • Diversify workforce