• MHCC Preventing Harassment in the Workplace and on Campus Annual Training Information Sheet

  • The College is committed to maintaining a respectful working and learning environment with a zero-tolerance policy regarding all forms of bullying, harassment and discrimination. The College offers “Preventing Harassment in the Workplace and on Campus” training online. All full- and part-time employees are required to participate in this training once a year. Hourly or non-exempt employees need to work with their supervisors to set up time to take this training during regular work hours or other appropriate time. Part-time Faculty and Tutor Association members: This annual training may count toward your quarterly requirement of "up to a maximum of two hours per term of professional duties," or you may use office hours, if you hold them.

    We also strongly encourage our students to participate in this important training program.

    Participants may access the training from any computer that has internet access by going to the following Web site:


    This online training is an extension of the Board of Education Policy 1100: "Equal Opportunity," the College's administrative regulation AR-1100-A, "Equal Opportunity: Culture of Respect" and the “Freedom from Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination” brochure that is distributed college wide.

    For questions about MHCC’s policies and procedures, contact Human Resources @ 503-491-7219.